BBB warns of “malicious tagging” on Facebook

The Better Business Bureau has issued a new warning to users of Facebook, and it involves something called “malicious tagging.”

The BBB says the method is a way of tricking unsuspecting Facebook users into downloading malware in an attempt to steal your information.

Here’s how it works:

People receive notifications saying a friend has tagged them in a post, and other people on their friends list may be tagged in the post as well.

If they click on the notification, it will take them to a video that wants them to install Flash player before they can actually view the video.

If they already have Flash on their computer however, the malware can take over your Facebook account.

This will create another video post and will automatically tag people on their friends list.

To protect yourself from “malicious tagging,” the Better Business Bureau has some tips to help protect yourself:suggests:

  • Stay away from promotions that say exclusive, shocking, or sensational footage.
  • Be cautious of shortened links, link shortening may be used as a disguise ti malicious links.
  • Don’t trust Facebook friends online habits, they may have not actually liked anything, and may also be a victim of a hacked account.