Authorities give tips on recognizing gas pump “skimmers” as incidents reported in area

Authorities with the Mt. Vernon Police Department report that there have been several incidents of “skimming” occurring in counties north of Mt. Vernon.

Skimmers are placing electronic devices in or on the credit card scanners at gas station fuel pumps. Once these devices are installed the skimmer is able to record the personal data of cards used in the machine.

After a period of time the skimmer returns, collects the device, and uses the information gathered. During the most recent events the skimmer is using a USB device for collection. The skimmers appear to be targeting gas stations that are not open twenty four hours a day.

Customers using the pay at the pump readers should be aware of any modifications that do not appear normal. Specifically, detection may be revealed by looking at the state inspection seal. If the seal is cut, missing, or appears disturbed you should notify the store and not use the card reader.