Rental car vendor cuts off State of Illinois’ account

SPRINGFIELD — The State of Illinois’ car rental vendor has cut off the State’s account, requiring any employee traveling on state business to pay their rental fees out-of-pocket.

Enterprise, has advised the State that effective as of the close of business today, it will temporarily suspend direct billing to all State Agencies that participate in the State’s vehicle rental program.

State employees will still be able to secure the competitively bid lower rate through Enterprise.

However, until direct billing is reinstated, employees who rent a car from Enterprise in connection with State business will be required to pay out-of-pocket and to seek reimbursement through the travel voucher process, rather than having charges directly billed to their employing agency.

Further, as a result of the budget impasse, employees may experience significant delays in having expenses in connection with State travel reimbursed.

Until a budget has been enacted, agencies are being encouraged to authorize employee travel only when it is essential. If travel is determined to be essential, employees must continue to use the most cost effective method of travel considering travel time, costs and work requirements.