SANDOVAL — A truck fire and explosion Friday afternoon in Sandoval brought out firefighters from multiple agencies, according to Sandoval Fire Chief Chad Parson, with crews remaining on scene for about three hours.

Parson says around 1:30 Friday afternoon, a tanker truck that had just removed crude oil from an oil tank battery on Ducomb Road just east of Meridian in rural Sandoval exploded and burned.

According to officials, 24-year-old Glen Dial, of St. Peter, was driving the truck when he noticed it was making noises as he took off running. Reports say Dial received only minor injuries, and was transported to St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Hospital in Centralia for treatment.

Firefighters say when they arrived on scene, the truck cab had been destroyed by fire and a large hole had been blown into the side of the tanker. The fire also spread to about 20 acres of soybeans.

Odin, Patoka, and Huey-Boulder-Ferrin firefighters provided Sandoval with mutual aid, bringing tanker and brush trucks to help put out the large field fire.

Lifestar Ambulance transported to St. Mary’s, allowing firefighters to concentrate on the fire.
According to Sandoval firefighters, the truck and oil battery are owned by Bi-Petro.

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