Missouri man gets 5th DUI following high-speed chase in Washington County

WASHINGTON COUNTY — Bail was set yesterday in Washington County Court at $50,000 for a 28-year-old Maplewood, Missouri man, charged in connection with a high-speed chase Friday night on Interstate 64.

Harvey A. Jacobs Jr., has been formally charged with a fifth DUI in connection with the chase, making it a Class 1 felony aggravated DUI. He is also charged with Class 4 felonies for aggravated DUI while license suspended or revoked, a second violation of driving while license revoked or suspended and aggravated fleeing police with speeds exceeding 21 miles per hour over the limit.

Jacobs allegedly led law enforcement on a high-speed chase Friday on I-64, first heading east at speeds exceeding 10 mph. He reportedly exited briefly north onto U.S. Highway 51, before quickly returning to I-64 and heading back west, with speeds again exceeding 100 mph and running other vehicles off the road.

Spike strips were ultimately deployed, but it is not yet clear if they played a role in the vehicle ultimately losing control and crashing around 7:21 at the exit 50 ramp at Nashville.