U of Illinois’ Killeen wants bonus removed from own contract

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (AP) — A University of Illinois spokesman says President Timothy Killeen has asked the board of trustees to remove a $225,000 retention bonus from his contract.

His request comes after trustees voted Wednesday to fire Urbana-Champaign campus Chancellor Phyllis Wise rather than accept her resignation and pay her a portion of the retention bonus she was due.

Killeen said afterward that such bonuses would no longer be part of administrator contracts. The university recently moved toward performance-based bonuses.

Killeen’s contract approved this year by trustees includes the retention bonus that would have been due after five years at the school. That’s in addition to up to $100,000 in performance-based incentives his first year.

Spokesman Tom Hardy said Thursday Killeen asked trustees Chairman Ed McMillan to restructure the deal.