JEFFERSON COUNTY — Three people are in the Jefferson County Jail today, after they were arrested late Sunday night near a hotel in Dix.

Jefferson County deputies arrested 19-year-old Phoenix Schulte, 19-year-old Matthew Woods, and 29-year-old Thomas Whipple Sunday, after receiving a call from an individual saying they could smell chemicals near the Red Carpet Inn in Dix.

Two Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies and an Illinois State Police trooper responded to the area and confirmed a strong ammonia smell coming from the woods.

One deputy stated he heard someone running through the woods, and upon further inspection deputies discovered a black bag with a meth lab inside.

The deputies then started interviewing people at the motel and learned the occupants of room 119 had been in and out of the woods all day.

Deputies contacted the Mt.Vernon Police Department/Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Joint Narcotics Task Force and The Illinois State Police Meth Response Team to assist with the investigation.

A search of the room revealed more meth lab materials, approximately 4,000 grams of substances containing methamphetamine, digital scales, and a firearm.

Schulte, Woods, and Whipple were arrested on charges of alleged Meth Manufacturing over 2,000 Grams in a multi unit building, Possession of Drug Equipment, Possession of a Firearm by a Felon, Possession of Meth Manufacturing Materials, Possession of Meth Manufacturing Chemicals, Possession Meth Precursor, Aggravated Participation In Meth Manufacturing.

The three remain in the Jefferson County Jail awaiting the formal filing of charges and the setting of bail.

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