Centralia police investigating string of stolen vehicles

A similar vehicle was taken overnight from a residence on Melrose Place in Centralia. Police are investigating this vehicle theft, along with others that were reportedly taken in Centralia overnight. Submitted photo
Submitted photo

CENTRALIA — Police are investigating a string of overnight vehicle thefts in Centralia.

One vehicle reportedly taken was a 2008 navy blue Ford Taurus Limited. The vehicle, with license plate number A71 2238, was taken from in front of a home on Melrose Place in Centralia.

Police say a total of three vehicles have been reported stolen overnight. In addition to the Taurus on Melrose Place, another was taken from the Lakewood area and still another was taken from the 1400 block of East Third.

In addition to the three cars stolen, police say they have also received reports of multiple other vehicles in the area having items from inside taken overnight.

We’ll bring you more information about the vehicle thefts as they become available.