BENTON — A Herrin man was recently sentenced in U.S. District Court in Benton for his involvement in a methamphetamine conspiracy.

U.S. Attorney Steven Wigginton announced Monday that 34-year-old Glendon C. Smith, who had previously pled guilty to the one-count indictment charging conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine, was sentenced to 87 months in federal prison, three years of supervised release and fined $200.

The offense happened between 2010 and January of last year in Jackson, Williamson, Union and Franklin counties. Evidence at the plea and sentencing hearings established that Smith was involved with others in making meth.

Smith either purchased pseudoephedrine or obtained pseudoephedrine from others for use in making meth. At the sentencing hearing, the district court found that Smith was responsible for the illegal possession of 114 grams of pseudoephedrine.

Nine co-defendants have previously been sentenced for their involvement in the methamphetamine conspiracy. Two other co-defendants have pled guilty and are awaiting sentencing.

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