Budget impasse hits local budgets

JEFFERSON COUNTY — The budget impasse continues to strike close to home, as counties across Illinois, including local counties, receive word that funding for various programs is being cut or suspended.

In July, Jefferson County received notice from the Illinois Department of Revenue informing them that effective immediately they would no longer be receiving reimbursement for the salaries of state’s attorney, lead public defender, or supervisor of assessments.

In 2010 then Gov. Pat Quinn attempted to cut the state’s portion of state’s attorneys salaries, but that effort failed as state law dictates how much money each official should be paid by the state.

But according to WSIL-TV, counties like Jefferson and Williamson are still preparing to cover what will be over $23,000 a month the county will have to make up out of its own budget for those salaries.

In addition to having to cover those salaries without the state stipend, Jefferson County is reporting some of their motor fuel tax payments have also been suspended, forcing the highway department to live off its reserves.