Central Illinois village may hold coyote hunt

TOLONO, Ill. (AP) — A central Illinois village is considering holding a government-sponsored coyote hunt to reduce the number of the animals seen around town.

The (Champaign) News-Gazette reports officials in Tolono already tried hiring a professional trapper. But that didn’t solve the problem.

Village President Jeff Holt says he’s seen coyotes “as close as the car wash.” He says the animals could be carrying rabies.

Trustee Rena Anderson says the village is considering holding a hunt in the fall. Anderson says some municipalities have received donations from businesses to sponsor hunts.

Village Attorney Marc Miller says at least one Illinois county pays a $15 bounty for any coyote killed.

But not everyone is sold on the idea. Trustee Mike Golish says he’s “having trouble” with government sponsoring such an event.