House vote fails on “no strike” bill override, local lawmakers vote “NO”

SPRINGFIELD — A House vote to override Gov. Bruce Rauner’s veto of a “no strike” bill failed Wednesday night, on a 68-34-9 margin – just three votes short of the needed 71.

In a sign of just how important AFSCME’s “no strike” bill had become, House Republicans imposed a “caucus position” Wednesday that would prevent members from voting for the override of the governor’s veto or face expulsion from the GOP caucus.

Members were informed of House GOP Leader Jim Durkin’s decision Tuesday. Durkin’s office confirmed it was true.
Rauner has made it clear for quite some time that any Republican who votes to override this particular veto would guarantee him or herself a primary opponent.

Locally, Rep. John Cavaletto, of Salem, voted “NO” on the measure, as did Rep. Charlie Meier, of Okawville. Rep. Terri Bryant, a Murphysboro Freshman did not vote. You can view how all lawmakers voted on the measure here.

While Democrats reported they had 71 members secured for an override, Rep. Ken Dunkin was absent and said he won’t be coming this week.

Without GOP votes, the Democrats couldn’t move the bill forward, and the 15-day clock expires this week.
That made the override vote short, and meant a win for Rauner and a loss for Democrats and the union.