CENTRALIA — Centralia police are investigating another shooting. This one — possibly in retaliation to an August shooting police_line_400x300that left one man injured and another man dead — sent a Centralia man to the hospital for treatment of non-life threatening gunshot wounds.

Police dispatch began receiving calls of shots fired around 6:30 Thursday night, from residents in the Fourth Street and Linden area.

Witnesses described shots were fired between a dark colored mini-van and a white or light colored SUV.

Shortly after the calls of shots fired, dispatch received a call of a gunshot victim in the Emergency Room. The hospital was subsequently placed on lockdown.

Upon arrival at the hospital, officers located a mini-van fitting the description of the one involved in the shooting. The reportedly noted multiple bullet holes in the van, with a similar number of casings found near the intersection of Fourth and Linden.

Other calls were received throughout the night reporting other shots fired, but investigations into those calls did not confirm the calls.

Additional law enforcement has been called in to help locate the suspects in the shooting.


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