MARION COUNTY — A 40-year-old Salem man has been arrested for alleged predatory criminal sexual assault of an 11-year-old girl.

Eric Bullard (Source: MCSO)
Eric Bullard
(Source: MCSO)

According to reports, Eric Bullard is accused of sexually abusing the girl over the past two years at his home and in Iuka. He was arrested Tuesday by Marion County Sheriff’s deputies after the girl’s mother became aware of the situation and contacted the sheriff’s office.

Reports indicate Bulard knew the alleged victim prior to the sexual assaults. He remains in the Marion County Jail awaiting the formal filing of charges and the setting of bail. An order of protection was taken out against Bullard Wednesday in Marion County Court

After hearing testimony at the emergency hearing, Judge Stan Brandemeyer found sufficient and credible evidence was introduced to issue the emergency order of protection, noting Bullard is to be arraigned on felony charges related to the incident(s) in question. Brandemeyer scheduled another hearing for September 30 on the emergency order.

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