Woman saves man stuck on railroad tracks

AUBURN, Ill. (AP) — A 75-year-old central Illinois man is alive thanks to the quick thinking of an Auburn woman.

Auburn police say Earl Moorman’s motorized wheel chair got stuck on railroad tracks. Ashley Aldridge, who lives near the tracks, heard the man screaming for help and bolted out the door as she heard a train horn.

Aldridge on Tuesday told WTAX-AM she struggled at first to pull Moorman from the wheel chair. She says she was freaking out as she saw the train get closer.

The 19-year-old, 130-pound Aldridge pulled the 200-pound Moorman out the chair just in time and carried him to safety. The wheelchair was destroyed.

Police later told Aldridge it was an Amtrak train speeding through town at 81 mph.
Although Moorman and Aldridge were uninjured, Aldridge admits being shaken up by the ordeal.