Bail set at $500k for Chicago man arrested on heroin charge in Salem traffic stop

MARION COUNTY — Bail has been set for two people arrested during a Sunday night traffic stop in Salem that reportedly led Marion County Sheriff’s deputies to discover 14 grams of heroin while searching the vehicle.

Bail for 19-year-old Corissa Thomas, of Salem, was at $50,000 this morning in Marion County Court, after she was formally charged with Class 1 felony manufacture with the intent to deliver between 1 and 15 grams of heroin.

Charged with the same offense, bail for her passenger, 30-year-old passenger Carl Edwards, of Chicago, however, was set at $500,000.

The pair was arrested Sunday, after deputies received permission to search the vehicle and reportedly found 56 small baggies of apparent heroin located inside three larger baggies stuffed down next to the seat.

Thomas then reportedly admitted to having two other large baggies hidden in her clothes.

The Durango, along with $185 found on Thomas, were seized, due to the alleged involvement in drug trafficking.

Both were appointed public defenders to represent them and are scheduled for October 13 preliminary hearings.