MARION COUNTY — A 26-year-old Centralia man is free on $750 cash bond, after he reportedly stuck a gun in his wife’s stomach and threatened to kill her during a domestic dispute, all of which was reportedly caught on an audio recording.

Matthew B. Braun is facing two misdemeanor charges in connection with the incident, one for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and domestic battery with physical contact.

According to police reports, Braun reportedly returned home intoxicated Sunday, when he and his wife became embroiled in a dispute, and he threatened to kill her.

She ultimately contacted police, telling them that she had heard Braun in the living room when she heard him load a pistol. She said she walked down the hall toward the living room and away from her son’s room in case her husband started shooting, as her toddler son was in his bed.

She reportedly told Braun that she was leaving because he had threatened to kill her. Braun then reportedly asked if she was recording him, with her telling him she didn’t have enough memory on her phone.

He then reportedly pinned her against the couch, grabbed her arm and stuck the gun in her stomach, again telling her he would kill her. The report indicates that as Braun was loading and reloading the gun, his wife ran down the hallway, grabbed her young son and fled from the home.

A copy of the recording from the wife’s phone was downloaded as evidence at the Centralia Police Department. Officers responded to the Braun home, arrested Braun and seized firearms and ammunition located inside.

The police report indicates that when officers asked if at any time he had threatened to shoot his wife, Braun said he did not. But when the officer informed him he had heard most of the conversation during the argument on the recording, Braun simply looked away, ultimately admitting that the conversation didn’t sound good.

Braun was taken to the Marion County Jail, where he posted the $750 cash bond Monday and was released. He is next scheduled in court September 30, with private counsel.

Conditions of his release prohibit him from having contact with his wife, or her residence and he must abstain from drugs and alcohol, with random testing.

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