Inmate death results in lockdown of Menard Correctional Center

CHESTER — The death of an inmate has resulted in the lockdown of a maximum-security prison in Southern Illinois.
While few details are being released at this time, the Illinois Department of Corrections says they do not suspect foul play at prisonthis time in the death of an inmate at Menard Correctional Center in Chester.

A routine investigation is being conducted, and the housing unit of the facility has been placed on lockdown until that investigation is complete.

Menard currently houses more than 3,200 inmates.

In addition to Menard, the minimum-security Vienna Correctional Center also is on partial lockdown after a power outage hit several areas of the 1,600-inmate facility, including housing units.

The Vienna facility is operating with power from a backup generator and will resume normal operations when power is restored.
It is not the first time the electrical system has been problematic at Vienna.

In January 2014, inmates got unruly after power went out at the prison, leaving some without heat or light during one of the coldest winters in memory.