Teen formally charged in connection with August shooting incident in Centralia

MARION COUNTY — A 16-year-old juvenile male recently arrested in connection with an August shooting incident on North Lincoln in Centralia has been charged in Marion County Court with two counts aggravated discharge of a firearm and aggravated battery with a firearm.

Court records show the juvenile was charged for allegedly shooting at two people with a hand gun. While those shots did not hit anyone, a shot from a BB gun grazed the cheek and struck the chest of another 16-year-old juvenile. He was not injured.

The juvenile allegedly had left after losing a fight and returned with the gun.
The juvenile was ordered to remain detained at a juvenile facility until a Wednesday court hearing where he will make his first appearance with an attorney.

Centralia Police say the juvenile had fled to Chicago immediately after the shooting and was arrested the day he returned to Centralia last Friday.