Pinckneyville prison on lockdown after staff member assaulted

PERRY COUNTY — A Southern Illinois prison is on lockdown following a reported assault of a staff member, according to a corrections spokeswoman.

(Credit: MaxRiesgo)
(Credit: MaxRiesgo)

Nicole Wilson says the Pinckneyville Correctional Center in Pinckneyville is on a Level 4 lockdown after a staff member was assaulted Wednesday; however Wilson couldn’t provide further details as the incident remains under investigation.
A Level 4 lockdown means inmates have limited restricted movement.

Pinckneyville isn’t the only IDOC facility on lockdown at this time, according to Wilson. She reports the all-female Logan Correctional Center is on lockdown as an incident involving multiple offenders is under investigation.

Wilson also reports Menard Correctional Center is on lockdown for operational purposes, and not due to a gang-related fight involving weapons as is being reported in social media.

She says Pontiac and Hill correctional centers are now off lockdown, but she did not reveal the reasons why those facilities were locked down in the first place.