Illinois Lottery says it cannot pay winnings above $600 due to budget impasse

Illinois Lottery Logo. (PRNewsFoto/Illinois Lottery)
Illinois Lottery Logo. (PRNewsFoto/Illinois Lottery)

CHICAGO — Another revenue stream is sure to suffer due to Illinois’ state budget impasse. Illinois Lottery officials now say that any winners over $600 will experience a delay in payments.

Beginning Oct. 15, officials say they anticipate that the lottery’s check writing abilities will be exhausted.

Previously the delay only applied to winners over $25,000, but the ongoing budget standoff has resulted in state revenues drying up. Officials say that all outstanding winnings will be paid once a budget is passed.

Two lottery winners have filed a federal lawsuit against the Illinois Lottery for stopping payouts of prizes above the $25,000 threshold.

It asks that the lottery be barred from paying its administrative or operational costs until the winners receive their prizes. The lawsuit alleges dozens await more than $288 million in prizes.