Salem woman sentenced on meth charge in Jefferson County Court

JEFFERSON COUNTY — A 19-year-old Salem woman was sentenced Wednesday in Jefferson County Court to 30-months probation after she agreed to plead guilty to felony possession of methamphetamine.

Amber Tolliver (Source: JCSO)
Amber Tolliver
(Source: JCSO)

Amber Tolliver was arrested in June when Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies found her and 18-year-old Christien Akers, of Belle Rive, sleeping in a white passenger vehicle.

According to Jefferson County Sheriff Travis Allen, deputies reportedly located items within the vehicle that tested positive for meth, along with meth making materials, hypodermic syringes, and a meth lab in the trunk.

Tolliver was initially charged with Class 1 felony manufacture of less than 15 grams of meth, Class 2 possession of meth manufacturing materials, and Class 3 felony possession of less than 5-grams of meth.

Per the plea agreement, the Class 3 felony charge was reduced to a Class 4 felony, to which she pleaded guilty, and the other charges were dismissed.

Tolliver was charged and convicted earlier this year in Jefferson County on a Class 3 felony charge of possessing less than 5-grams of meth and was sentenced in April to 24 months conditional discharge. In March she was convicted in Marion County on a Class 2 felony charge of possessing less than 15 grams of meth precursors and was sentenced to 60 days in jail and 4-years probation.

Akers was sentenced in July to 48 months probation for possession of meth manufacturing material in relation to the case, but was sentenced to 5-years in prison on a subsequent case in August for delivery of less than 5-grams of meth.