SALEM — Despite injuries he suffered when struck by a car this morning in Salem, a 41-year-old Salem man got up from the ground and kept walking.

(Credit:  wildpixel)
(Credit: wildpixel)

Officials say Andrew Biagi was struck Wednesday morning while walking on Cross Road just west of College Street.
The driver of the car, 29-year-old Alexander Carroll, also of Salem, said he didn’t see Biagi until it was too late to stop and on-coming vehicles prevented him from moving into the other lane.

Carroll told deputies he went to check on Biagi after he got up and began walking away. Biagi reportedly told Carroll, “I wish you wouldn’t have done that”, and continued walking down the road.

Carroll called 911 to report the incident and followed Biagi with his flashers on until emergency help arrived.
Biagi was then taken to Salem Township Hospital for treatment of his injuries.

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