Katy Perry still trying to purchase a…Convent???

Katy Perry still trying to purchase a…Convent???

According to Billboard, Katy Perry is still very active in trying to purchase a French-style chateau that once served as a convent.  However, the Catholic Church and many nuns are against the sale of the Los Feliz, California, property.

Not helping Perry’s effort is that there is a little snafu with the ownership of the building.  Katy is trying to buy from the archdiocese (Cathloic Church) while another seeker is trying to purchase directly from the nuns.  Reports indicate that the nuns are primarily against Katy because of her parents work as ministers in the Christian Evangelical Church.

Adding even more drama to this saga is that the site may have allegedly been used to shelter priests accused of molestation. We can’t help but wonder if the dream home is more of a nightmare.

Photo Credit: Screen Capture from YouTube Video

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