FRANKLIN COUNTY — A 37-year-old West Frankfort man is in the Franklin County Jail charged with stealing more than $100,000 from an elderly widow, while charges are pending against an 81-year-old woman in connection with the same exploitation.

Jeffrey Connell (Source: FCSD)
Jeffrey Connell
(Source: FCSD)

According to West Frankfort Police Chief Shawn Talutto, Jeffrey M. Connell has been charged with financial exploitation of the elderly, and charges are pending against 81-year-old Anna M. Connell, for an alleged scheme that started in February 2014, when an elderly widow living in West Frankfort was exploited by two acquaintances on multiple occasions.

Talutto says the widow believed the story provided by the acquaintances, and the exploitation continued until this month, at which time the West Frankfort Police Department became officially involved.

An investigation conducted by the WFPD resulted in information that the widow had been exploited. The amount taken from the female victim was found to be in excess of $100,000.00.

The suspects were located and interviewed concerning their involvement. All leads concerning this case were examined and the results indicated that the suspects had provided false and misleading information to the victim.

Jeffrey Connell remains in the Franklin County Jail on the charge of Financial Exploitation of the Elderly. The information concerning Anna M. Connell will be reviewed and charges are forthcoming.

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