SPRINGFIELD — Fire training and SIDS-related services are among those drying up without state grants, according to what the latest Committee of the Whole in the Illinois House took in.

Nancy Maruyama, executive director of SIDS of Illinois, says more babies will die for lack of education, education that could be made possible by reinstating their request for $250,000. She also mentioned all the bereaved families who could once again find hope and solace once their programs can be restored.

Maruyama, who says she had to lay off her staff, is the parent of a child who died of sudden infant death syndrome.

For members of the Chicago Fire Department, it’s a matter of keeping their word.

Charles Stewart, first deputy fire commissioner says that on every one of their trucks, engines, and ambulances, their motto is clearly printed: We’re There When You Need Us.” Stewart says they need that funding to keep that promise.

In absence of a settled state budget, House members have been spending their session days hearing from groups affected by the lack of funds.

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