Children’s advocate sets blame for child care destruction at Rauner’s feet

An Illinois children’s advocacy group is boldly speaking out against statements made earlier this week by Gov. Bruce Rauner regarding the state’s budget standoff.

Rauner said Monday that said he doesn’t expect any resolution to the budget impasse until January and doesn’t expect any agreement will come out of a planned meeting with Democratic leaders in the legislature next month.

He accused Democrats of attempting to increase pressure on him by allowing the budget impasse to continue, saying they want the pressure of no scholarships for kids, and they want the pressure of no childcare as a way to push the process.

But Emily Miller at Voices for Illinois Children wants to set the record straight and has called out the media for failing to previously point out the inaccuracy of Rauner’s claims.

Miller responded to Rauner’s statement, saying there is exactly one man ultimately responsible for the destruction of the child care system in Illinois, and that man is Governor Rauner.

She says when it comes to the lack of appropriation authority across other budget line items ranging from higher education to local governments, no one has clean hands.

But, she says for the Governor to suggest that anyone else is responsible for the pain working families are feeling as the direct result of his decision to cut child care is absurd and dishonest.

Miller points out that Rauner’s decision to eliminate safe, affordable childcare as an option for many low and middle-income working families predates the budget impasse, and she commented that she hopes the timeline of his opposition to this vital program is pointed out to him by a reporter sometime soon.

Miller cited a national study released earlier this week that now lists Illinois as the worst in the nation when it comes to access to quality, affordable childcare for low and middle-income working families.