Sheriff warns of property tax phone scam

WILLIAMSON COUNTY — Williamson County Sheriff Bennie Vick is warning residents about another phone scam that has been reported in the county.

(Credit: fordzolo)
(Credit: fordzolo)

Vick says several residents have reported receiving a phone call from a person who states they are from the “Tax Agency.” This person accuses them of not paying their property taxes, and demands payment over the phone by using credit card information or bank account information.

Vick says if the intended victim hesitates to provide the personal financial information, the caller threatens them by saying the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office will send a deputy with an arrest warrant to arrest them for not paying their taxes.

The sheriff wants you to know that notification of unpaid property taxes is not done through phone calls. Delinquent tax bill notifications are sent using certified mail through the post office. He says people are not ever arrested for delinquent tax payments.