CLINTON COUNTY — Bail is set at $75,000 for a 24-year-old Centralia man held in the Clinton County Jail on a sexual assault charge.

Terrell Branch (Source: CCSD)
Terrell Branch
(Source: CCSD)

Terrell Branch was arrested Sunday after he went to the Centralia Police Department knowing he was wanted for an alleged incident involving an ex-girlfriend the previous week.

According to police, they received a complaint from the ex girlfriend alleging criminal sexual assault. An investigation resulted in a warrant for Branch’s arrest and police began looking for him.

On Sunday Branch went into the police department to refute the claims against him and was placed under arrest. He was taken to the Clinton County Jail, where he remains.

He was formally charged this morning in Clinton County Court with Class 1 felony criminal sexual assault by force, which is punishable by between 4 and 15 years in prison if convicted, and appointed a public defender.

In 2011 Branch was charged in Marion County Court with the same offense but against a different ex-girlfriend — Class 1 felony criminal sexual abuse by force, along with Class 2 felony aggravated domestic battery including strangling and Class 4 felony domestic battery causing bodily harm.

He was sentenced in that case to 3-years in prison, after he pleaded guilty to the Class 4 domestic battery and the other two more serious charges were dismissed per the agreement.

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