City of Marshall cuts off utilities to State facilities for non-payment

MARSHALL, Ill. — After months of unpaid bills, the City of Marshall plans to shut off its utility services to three Illinois-owned facilities Monday.

(Credit: Felipe Sanchez)
(Credit: Felipe Sanchez)

At 1 p.m. Monday, the toilets stopped flushing at the Cumberland Road Rest Area along Interstate 70. If the rest stop wants the water turned back on they will have to pay their bills plus any interest collected.

IDOT’s local office building lost electricity, water, sewer and gas services.

There are also outstanding bills at the IDOT garage where snow plows are stored. The lights at that facility will remain on, at least for now. With winter quickly approaching, no power could be an emergency management concern.

The announcement comes as Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democratic lawmakers remain locked in a budget impasse. Illinois has operated without a budget since July 1.

Utility payments to Marshall stopped coming by late-July. About a month ago, Mayor Camie Sanders told the Terre Haute, Indiana Tribune-Star, the city began seriously pressing the state to pay up.

Finally, in mid-October, the city issued a two-week shutoff notice, which Sanders said should have given the state time to winterize their buildings.

He estimates the state owes Marshall nearly $500,000 altogether, including the city’s portion of gaming funds. Sanders said he doesn’t expect the state will be able to take over the utility bills once the shutoff notice is given.

Sanders noted the City can’t carry the state forever, and when people in town — if they get 50 days behind — they’re getting shut off without exception.

For Marshall, the ramifications go beyond the outstanding utility bills. [Mayor Camie Sanders] said talks between the city and a company interested in relocating to the community fell through, because the corporation won’t invest in Illinois until the impasse is resolved.