Governor says he’s showing ‘compromise,’ Democrats skeptical

CHICAGO (AP) — Gov. Bruce Rauner’s administration says it’s taking steps in three areas to “compromise” while the Republican remains deadlocked with legislative Democrats over a budget.

Rauner’s office announced Monday it reached an agreement with labor and business on proposed unemployment insurance changes. The administration also said it would ease restrictions on who qualifies for state-subsidized child care and drop plans to limit which elderly and disabled Illinoisans get state-funded help.

The announcements come a day before lawmakers meet in Springfield.

Some Democrats and care advocates were skeptical of the “compromise” characterization.

House Speaker Michael Madigan’s spokesman says unemployment insurance ideas were already settled and the child care issue likely to emerge Tuesday.

Rauner proposed his child care changes to a rule-making committee that will meet Nov. 17. Legislation restoring funding is pending in Springfield.