Lack of state budget doesn’t stop transportation officials from winter preparations

SPRINGFIELD — Despite the lack of a state budget, transportation officials say Illinois is ready for winter weather.

Steve Travia of Illinois Department of Transportation says it’s business as usual, with its ability to keep roads plowed and salted already tested by an early winter storm.

The budget impasse, now stretching into its sixth month, does have an effect in dealing with vendors who have to accept an IOU for the time being.

“That’s probably the biggest issue for us is just making sure that vendors understand that the budget impasse exists. We’re aware of it, they’re aware of it, and that they will eventually get paid, it just may be delayed,” Travia said.

While a milder winter is expected, Travia says that doesn’t impact IDOT’s preparations, as plows and road salt will still be needed at times even if the state isn’t facing big blizzards or long periods of subzero temperatures.