Carbondale creates liquor license for movie theaters

CARBONDALE — The Carbondale City Council Tuesday night approved an ordinance that will create a Class K liquor license allowing movie theaters to serve alcohol.

The Southern Illinoisan reports the move comes after officials with AMC made a thorough presentation about serving liquor as the movie theater chain is planning to renovate University Place 8 into a luxury theater where alcohol will be available in a separate section of the lobby. AMC says alcohol will be served in different cups than regular drinks as a way to identify what is being consumed.

Theater staff will also be trained to spot those who may be intoxicated and for minors trying to consume liquor.  AMC will have to come back to the council one more time in order to start renovations, which will be done in phases beginning in the first quarter of next year. It will also have to come back at some point to apply for the license, which is not known at this time.