Fairfield man facing four First Degree Murder charges for shooting death

WASHINGTON COUNTY — A 53-year-old Fairfield man was formally charged Tuesday with four-counts First Degree Murder for the alleged shooting death of his 50-year-old friend  Jeffery Scott Montgomery.
William Johnson (Source: WCSO)
William Johnson
(Source: WCSO)

William “Bill” Johnson was charged in Wayne County Court with First Degree Murder with the intent to kill or injure, two counts First Degree Murder knowing his actions created a strong probability he would kill or injure the victim and First Degree Murder while committing another forcible felony, that being armed with a deadly weapon.

According to court reports, Johnson shot and killed Montgomery around 7:30 Saturday night at his home in Fairfield. The two men were reportedly involved in an altercation over a woman apparently was not with Johnson at the time of the shooting, but was with him in his truck when he fled south on Interstate 57 from the scene. The two were reportedly heading to Arkansas.
Johnson was arrested in Williamson County about 90 minutes after the shooting. He was initially taken to the Williamson County Jail before being transported to the Wayne County Jail where he remains.