Salem man sentenced to IDOC for probation violations

MARION COUNTY — A 24-year-old Salem man was sentenced this morning in Marion County Court to 3-years in the Illinois Department of Corrections, after his probation for a 2013 sex offender registry violation and 2014 meth possession was revoked.

Curtis Moghadam was originally convicted in 2014 of failing as a registered sex offender to report a change of address or employer. He was sentenced at that time to 90 days in jail, with credit for 90 days served and ordered to serve 2-years probation. Probation in that case was revoked in March when he was convicted of possession of less than 5-grams of meth, and he was sentenced to an additional 2 years probation to be served in both cases.

Moghadam again violated his probation, which was revoked this morning and terminated as unsatisfaied in both cases, resulting a 3-year prison sentence in each case to be served concurrently . A request for furlough was denied and he was remanded to the custody of the Marion County Sheriff to await transport to IDOC in 14 days.

A 2015 charge of Class 2 felony failure for a second time to report as a sexually violent or dangerous offender was dismissed per the plea agreement.