Medical marijuana edibles debut in Illinois, come with risks

CARLA K. JOHNSON, AP Medical Writer

CHICAGO (AP) — Edible medical marijuana is making its Illinois debut, ending a wait for patients who prefer eating to inhaling.

Ross Morreale of Ataraxia says his cultivation company will have marijuana chocolates for sale at two dispensaries Saturday. Regulated pot sales began Nov. 9 in Illinois, but companies didn’t have edibles ready until now.

Illinois requires warnings on the products, and experts caution that patients should start with a low dose. It takes longer to feel the effects when marijuana is eaten, so it’s easy to eat too much with unpleasant — or even dangerous — results.

Colorado reduced the amount of THC allowed in a serving after a college student jumped from a hotel balcony after eating a potent marijuana cookie and died. Dispensaries and advocates say: “Start Low, Go Slow.”