Old TVs overwhelming thrift stores, recycling centers

CHICAGO (AP) — People who get new televisions face a dwindling set of options for disposing of their old ones in Illinois.

A 2012 Illinois law made it illegal to throw televisions in the trash.

Jennifer Jarland is recycling coordinator for Kane County. She told the Chicago Tribune (http://trib.in/1YwVXGO) that the list of places you can unload an old TV is getting shorter.

Ron McCormick is business manager for The Salvation Army’s greater Chicago area. He said used TVs do not sell so the Salvation Army doesn’t want them. And electronics recycling events are becoming less common because the agencies that run them are inundated.

But changes could be coming when the law is reviewed next year.

Jarland also says people who have TVs that still work should use them longer rather than upgrading every few years.