Illinois funeral home first to receive liquor license for funerals

WHEELING — A casket-side toast to the dearly departed could be a regular thing now that a Wheeling funeral home has been given a license to serve alcohol.

(Credit: Zedcor Wholly Owned)
(Credit: Zedcor Wholly Owned)

The “Daily Herald” reports that David Kolssak says his funeral home will be the first in the state with a license to serve drinks to mourners.

He says contemporary funerals more frequently have become celebrations of a person’s life, so a drink in their honor is appropriate.

The original resolution did not require food be served in conjunction with the alcohol, but Trustee Mary Krueger lobbied Monday for an amendment that would require food be served alongside the alcohol. Trustees unanimously approved the amendment.

Kolssak, owner and funeral director, said offering a catering option could also take the burden of providing food off the grieving family’s to-do list.

The board approved the amended resolution by a 5-1 vote.