Jackson County officials declared a county disaster Tuesday as river levels crept toward anticipated record highs, putting stress on the region’s aging levees.

(Credit: eyjafjallajokull)
(Credit: eyjafjallajokull)

Meanwhile, officials in both Jackson and Union counties urged flood plain residents to evacuate.

The current crest forecast is for 49.7 feet at the Chester gauge on late Friday morning, January 1st, New Year’s Day.

This is a slight reduction from yesterday’s forecast of 49.9 feet. Officials are monitoring the situation and continue to prepare for potential threats to county residents.

It is advised to take precautions and prepare before floods happen. There is work being done to shore up levees and everyone is encouraged to stay off levee roads unless on official business.

In Union County, authorities are recommending residents take precautions and prepare for quick evacuation if that becomes necessary.

Until further notice, all normal siren testing has been suspended. As a warning to residents in the Wolf Lake and Ware areas, in the event of a levee breach/flooding situation, the tornado sirens will be activated for a 3-minute period.

Due to the serious flooding hazard in Union County, all levee roads are closed to public traffic.


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