Randolph County declares state of emergency

RANDOLPH COUNTY — The Randolph County Board has declared a state of emergency, and if the Mississippi rises to its predicted levels thousands could be displaced and if levees fail hundreds could lose their jobs.

(Credit:  ErikaMitchell)
(Credit: ErikaMitchell)

KFVS-TV reports that if the levee breaks, Michael Jany of Chester is one of those people who could lose their job, as his plant would go underwater and the company has said they won’t rebuild.

With storm drains overflowing, roads closing throughout the region and flooding across the area, Randolph County EMA director Larry Willis is reminded of the catastrophic 1993 flood in Randolph County.

Monday, inmates from Menard state penitentiary were already out sand bagging and putting up flood gates and preparing for the record setting flood.

Predictions say this could be the worst flood recorded in Randolph County. But local levee commissioners are already planning to work with the Army Corps of Engineers to make sure that doesn’t happen.

The Chester Bridge was scheduled to be closed starting at noon Tuesday.