Area courts saw decreases in cases filed over 10-year period

Area courts were busy in 2015, and Jefferson County topped the list on cases filed with 484 criminal felonies, a notable increase from 2014 when they filed 408, but much fewer than the 809 filed in 2005.

(Credit: tomloel)
(Credit: tomloel)

Marion County followed with 389 criminal cases filed in 2015, compared to 333 the previous year, according to online court records, and a big decrease to 10 years earlier, when 563 criminal felony cases were charged.

Fayette County filed 212 felony cases, down from 252 filed in 2014, but a notable increase from the 171 filed in 2005.

Clinton County saw 185 felony cases filed in 2015, compared to 192 in 2014, and 234 in 2005.

Washington County only filed 86 criminal felonies this last year, 72 filed the previous year and 142 10 years earlier.

Criminal misdemeanors remained fairly steady in those five counties from 2014 to 2015, with the exception of Fayette County, which climbed from 259 misdemeanor cases in 2014, to 329 in 2015.

Clinton County saw a significant drop in misdemeanor cases from 2005, going from 651 cases filed to only 304. Jefferson County also saw a t0-year drop from 715 in 2005 to 539 in 2015. And Washington County dropped from 328 misdemeanor cases in 2005 to only 126 in 2015.

Driving under the influence cases also remained fairly steady between 2014 and 2015, but all five counties saw statistical drops in DUIs charged in the last decade.