CHARLESTON, Ill. (AP) — Eastern Illinois University’s president says the state budget impasse will bring potential layoffs and furlough time for employees to the school.

(Credit: kasto80)
(Credit: kasto80)

The Mattoon Journal-Gazette and (Charleston) Times-Courier reported Monday that EIU President David Glassman sent a budget update letter to the campus. In it he blamed Illinois’ financial troubles for EIU’s monetary problems. He says EIU hasn’t received its state appropriation of about $40 million.

Glassman laid out immediate cuts including all non-instructional equipment purchases, delaying maintenance and repairs that aren’t related to safety and security and freezing employee-reimbursed travel.

Glassman said layoffs and furloughs will be possible if EIU’s state appropriate continues to be delayed as the semester continues. He said the school aims not to diminish academic excellence.

The state has been without a budget since the summer.

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