White County joins list of counties suing State of Illinois

WHITE COUNTY — White County in southern Illinois is the latest local government to sue the state over unpaid bills caused by the lack of a state spending plan.

court lawState’s Attorney Denton Aud announced the lawsuit Thursday. The county wants to compel payment of salary reimbursements that help pay for several top local government jobs. Jackson, Fayette, Union, Williamson and Franklin counties have filed similar suits.

Governments in St. Clair County, Saline and Gallatin counties have filed lawsuits seeking release of tax money collected on cell and landline phone calls for 911 emergency-dispatch centers.

The court ruled in favor of St. Clair County and the municipality has since received its money. But rather than releasing funds owed all other counties, the issue is being handled one lawsuit at a time, with each county being forced to file its own lawsuit to have the courts order the state to comply.

Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a $3.1 billion spending bill in December that freed up some other sources of state money for local governments.