Chicago State sends layoff notices to all employees amid state budget crisis

CHICAGO (AP) — With state funding cut off due to the ongoing budget impasse, Chicago State University has announced all 900 employees, including the university president, are receiving layoff notices.

CSU President Thomas Calhoun Jr. said the university has reached a point where it can’t continue to function as it has since the school year began last fall, so layoff notices have been sent to all faculty, staff, and administrators.

It is not clear when the layoffs would take effect, but under federal law, employers with more than 100 employees must give 60 days’ notice of possible layoffs to all their workers.

Like other public universities, Chicago State has not received any state funding for eight months because of the state’s budget impasse. Chicago State has already taken cost-saving steps, including eliminating spring break and shortening the semester.

School officials have said that if state funding doesn’t resume by mid-March, the school won’t be able to meet its $5 million monthly payroll.