ISP investigator charged with felony perjury suspended from state agency

RICHLAND COUNTY — An Illinois State Police Special Investigator charged in Richland County Court with perjury has reportedly been suspended from the state agency.

Richard “Rick” White has been indicted by a Richland County grand jury for felony perjury in a stalking/no-contact case filed against him by retired ISP investigator Kelly Henby.

White is known locally for investigating the 2008 high-profile case against former Marion County Sheriff Brad Wolenhaupt.
When asked if White’s indictment could have any impact on the former lawman’s conviction, Marion County State’s Attorney

Matt Wilzbach said it shouldn’t, as White was only one of several investigators, both state and federal, who worked on the case.

Wilzbach also noted that Wolenhaupt pleaded guilty in the case to official misconduct and went straight to a sentencing hearing, so White didn’t even testify in the case. He also says White never interviewed anyone in the case alone.

In 2011, White reportedly investigated a case in Coles County charging former ISP investigator Kelly Henby for working as a private detective without a license.

Charges were never filed in that case against Henby, who is also the former mayor of Olney.

However, in 2013, Henby requested and received an no-contact order in Richland County against White. It was in that case that the Richland County grand jury decided White likely committed perjury. A warrant was issued for his arrest and White was released after posting $1,000 cash bond.

White is next scheduled in court Wednesday for a first appearance with council on the felony perjury case.