Walnut Hill man sentenced for felony battery of sheriff’s deputy

MARION COUNTY — A 35-year-old Walnut Hill man jailed after attempting to disarm a Marion County Sheriff’s deputy pleaded guilty today to felony aggravated battery of a peace officer and was sentenced to felony probation.

Carl Horn (Source: MCSO)
Carl Horn
(Source: MCSO)

Carl Horn was arrested December 22 after his mother called 911 from her Walnut Hill home to report her son was threatening suicide.

While on scene and in the kitchen of the home, Horn allegedly said he was going to take Deputy Hannah Burr’s gun and then lunged toward the deputy’s sidearm.

Burr was able to keep Horn from her gun, but two strikes from a Tazer reportedly had little effect.
The struggle between Burr and Horn reportedly continued until Sgt. Deputy David Hitibidal arrived on scene and helped Burr take Horn to the ground and get him in handcuffs.

While in custody following his arrest, Horn’s family reported he was on life support in an Indiana hospital and was bruised from “head to toe.”

Horn would later admit to a sheriff’s deputy that the injuries he suffered were self-inflicted and were not received at the hands of others while he was in the Marion County Jail.

Horn was sentenced today to 4-years probation, 79-days in jail with credit for 79-days served and ordered to complete drug and alcohol treatment. In exchange for his guilty plea, the felony charge of attempting to disarm a peace officer was dismissed. Both charges are Class 2 felonies.