Sen. McCarter urges Rauner to sign stopgap measure sitting on his desk

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — While Gov. Bruce Rauner has been touring Illinois and telling voters to demand the legislature send him a stopgap measure, a $700 million bipartisan stopgap measure that would fund a variety of human services has been on the governor’s desk for nearly a month now.

While the state finishes the current fiscal year without a full budget, Senate Bill 2038 would spend nearly $700 million from special funds for various human services that have gone all year without funding.

State Sen. Kyle McCarter, R-Lebanon, said SB 2038 is an imperfect bill that highlights the state’s broken financial situation. “We haven’t budgeted as a whole. We’ve budgeted by emergency. We’ve budgeted because of court orders and consent decrees. This whole process is dysfunctional.”

McCarter said Gov. Bruce Rauner should sign the measure or at least line-item veto what the governor thinks isn’t a priority.

Rauner criticized the measure for not funding executive agency operations but stopped short of saying he’d veto the bill.