Centralia man who claims to be “Moroccan National” returned on Marion County warrant

MARION COUNTY — A 30-year-old Centralia man wanted in Marion County for failing to return to court last year after he case was set aside to the end of the docket call has been arrested in Missouri and returned to the Marion County Jail.

Larry T. Evans (Source: MCSO)
Larry T. Evans
(Source: MCSO)

Larry T. Evans was initially charged with trespassing at a Sandoval home, where he allegedly changed the locks, began moving in furniture, and had attempted to have utilities turned on to the Tonti Road home.

Calling himself Mfalme El Bey, Evans had fired his attorney and elected to represent himself in court where he is charged with Class 2 felony theft, Class 4 felony criminal damage to property, misdemeanor criminal trespass and misdemeanor resisting arrest.

During his last court hearing in June 2015, Evans’ case was moved to the end of the day’s scheduled docket, after he allegedly became disruptive in court. When the case was recalled, however, Evans did not return and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Nearly a year later that warrant caught up with Evans while he was in St. Louis County, Mo., where he was arrested on the outstanding warrant and ultimately transferred back to Illinois.

Evans has claimed in court that he is a “Moroccan National” and sovereign citizen and therefore not bound by U.S. laws. The judge informed Evans that if he is indeed a foreign citizen, he may be deported if found guilty.