Odin man free on bond after allegedly pointing gun at another man

MARION COUNTY — A 32-year-old Odin man is free on $150 bond after he allegedly pointed a gun at another man and threatened to kill him if he ever saw a particular woman again.

Jessie Wiese was arrested by Centralia police who then turned him over to sheriff’s deputies for questioning.

Wiese and another man reportedly rode their ATVs up to Rob’s Custom Auto Repair on Green Street Road in rural Centralia Thursday night, cutting donuts in the parking lot and riding up into the grass before Wiese pointed the gun at one of the employees and threatened to kill him.

The worker ran inside the building, with the two men chasing him into the building on their ATVs. When another employee called police, they pair reportedly fled down Green Street Road. Wiese was subsequently located by Centralia police officers.

Formal charges against Wiese are pending a review of the case by the Marion County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Wiese took out an order of protection against a woman in May. That order was dismissed Wednesday at the request of both parties. It is believed that woman is in a relationship with the employee who was allegedly threatened.