Goeden approved for unsupervised passes from mental hospital

CLINTON COUNTY — A 42-year-old former Trenton man held since 2009 in a psychiatric hospital for killing his father has been approved for unsupervised off grounds passes.

Christian Goeden was found Monday to still be mentally ill and in need of treatment, but that a slow progression of time away from the hospital — not to exceed 2 to 4 hours in duration — is appropriate if Goeden remains compliant with all his treatment and medications as directed by his doctors.

He will have to remain within a 10 mile radius of the hospital and should not have any contact with his family members unless initiated by that family member.

In 2009, Goeden was found not guilty by reason of mental defect in the killing of his father, Clifford Goeden of Trenton.

Christian Goeden telephoned police himself in June 2008 after shooting his father inside their Trenton home. He was arrested and charged with murder before being found guilty due to his own insanity, and was remanded into the care of the Department of Human Services.

His case is scheduled for review again in December.